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 Die Skills ~ noch nicht fertig

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Sword Skills

  • Slant - (1-hit strike) Ein einfacher, diagonaler Hieb mit der Waffe.
  • Vertical - (1-hit strike) Ein einfacher, vertikaler Hieb mit der Waffe.
  • Horizontal - (1-hit strike) Ein einfacher, horizontaler Hieb mit dem Waffe.
  • Uppercut - (1-hit strike)  Ein einfacher Hieb von unten, ähnlich wie ein Kinnhacken.
  • Rage Spike - (1-hit strike) Ein schwacher Hieb, bei dem man auf den Gegner springt und einen Aufwärtsschlag voll übt.
  • Sonic Leap - (1-hit strike) A charge-type sword skill that dashes toward the enemy to deal a downward strike.
  • Vertical Arc - (2-hit combo) A simple sword skill creating a 'V' shape trajectory.
  • Horizontal Square- (4-hit combo) A mid-level sword skill tracing the shape of a rhombus.
  • Vertical Square - (4-hit combo) A mid-level sword skill tracing the shape of a square.
  • Snake Bite - (2-hit combo) Two left and right swings that target the opponent's weapon, with a chance of breaking the weapon.
  • Sharp Nail - (3-hit combo)
  • Vorpal Strike - (1-hit strike) A heavy one-handed sword skill with a reach that is double the length of the blade and has high attack power. It has a long cool-down. 30% physical, 30% Fire, 40% Darkness.
  • Savage Fulcrum - (3-hit combo) A sword skill that trace number "4" in the air. 50% physical, 50% Ice.
  • Serration Wave - a single-hit area of effect (AOE) one-handed sword skill, a technique meant to impede movement and barely dealing any damage.
  • Howling Octave - (8-hit) Five high-speed continuous thrusts then cut downward, upward, before another full force upward cut. 40% physical, 60% Fire.

One-Handed Curved Sword

  • Reaver - (1-hit strike) A basic sword skill.
  • Fell Crescent - (1-hit strike) A high-class charge-type sword skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 4 meters in 0.4 seconds.

Two-Handed Battle Axe

  • Whirlwind - (1-hit strike) A basic spinning strike.

Two-Handed Sword

  • Avalanche - (1-hit strike) A high hitting high-level two-handed sword skill.

Rapier Sword

  • Linear - (1-hit strike) - The first rapier skill learned that delivers a single thrust at the enemy at a great speed.
  • Star Splash - (8-hit combo) - A high-level one-handed thrusting sword skill.
  • Flashing Penetrator - (1-hit strike) - A high-level strike that produces a sonic boom and looks like a comet.
  • Quadruple Pain - (4-hit strike) A rapid four-hit thrust that can immobilize the target.
  • Shooting Star - A charging rapier sword skill.


  • Rapid Bite
  • Fud Edge

Martial Arts (Extra Skill)

Embracer - (1-hit strike) An unarmed skill that pierces the enemy with the fingers.
Flash Hit - «Martial Arts» basic skill.

Katana (Extra Skill)

Tsujikaze - (1-hit strike) - "Whirlwind" A straight, long-ranged strike.
Gengetsu - (1-hit strike) - "Phantom Moon" A half-circle that moves irregularly.
Tsumujiguruma - (1-hit area strike) - An omnidirectional 360-degree whirling spin.
Ukifune - (1-hit strike) - "Floating Boat" Knocks opponent high into the air.
Hiōgi - (3-hit combo) - "Scarlet Fan" Upward, downward, then thrusting combo.
Iai - (1-hit strike) - One of the top techniques of Katana Skill.

Dual Blades Sword (Unique Skill)

Double Circular - (2-hit combo) - A dash-type skill that swiftly attacks with the right and left sword consecutively.[3]
Starburst Stream - (16-hit combo) - A high-class dual-blades sword skill.
The Eclipse - (27-hit combo) - The highest level dual-blades sword skill.
Snake Bite - (2-hit combo) - a quick strike that cuts through the opponent from both sides

Holy Sword (Unique Skill)Divine Sword - (1-hit strike) - Releases a strong light from the sword to blind the opponent.

Other Techniques

Meteor Break - (7-hit combo) - A seven-hit combo, needing unarmed and one-handed sword skills, that uses tackles to chain together strong attacks.
Minimal Side Step Defense - A defensive skill that simply involves an evading side-step. It has higher counterattack speed than parry or block, but it involves greater risks if it fails.
Armor Pierce

There are several different classes of Weapon Skills. There are generic weapon skills such as «One-handed Straight Sword» and «One-handed Curved Sword». Then, there are additional weapon skills that can be unlocked after fulfilling a certain set of conditions. For example, in the sword category, the «One-handed Straight Sword» skill must be trained quite a bit before «Rapier» and «Two-Handed Sword» appears on the weapon skills list.

Weapon skills that do not have clear conditions for appearing are called Extra Skills. There are roughly around ten known Extra Skills, including the «Katana Skill» wielded by Klein. Each of these extra skills have at least ten people in the Sword Art Online world who practice the skill.

There are only two known Unique Skills, which are weapon skills unique to a single player. These are Heathcliff's «Holy Sword» and Kirito's «Dual Blades».

In general, skills must be equipped in a limited amount of skill slots. Kirito, at the end of SAO, had 12 skill slots.


Musical Instrument
Equipment Appraisal
Tools Appraisal
Purchase Negotiation
Sales Negotiation
Medicine Mixing
Slash Weapon Forging
Thrust Weapon Forging
Blunt Weapon Forging
Light Metal Armor Forging
Heavy Metal Armor Forging
Metal Equipment Repairing
Metal Refining
Familiar Recovery
Familiar Communication

Passive Skills

Pursuit - Raises effectiveness while hunting monsters. Can be used to pursue a player whose name is known by displaying their footprints from a certain time, which can be increased with greater mastery of the skill. Requires «Tracking» to unlock.
Detection - Prevents ambushes. Greater mastery allows detection of monsters in «Hiding» status.
Hiding - Allows for a person to disappear. Only works on targets that use visual tracking.
Night Vision
X-Ray Vision
Extended Weight Limit

Combat Skills

Delay - Interrupts opponents attacks whenever possible.
Howl - Attracts the attention of NPC monsters and increases a player's Hate status effect. Often used by Tanks.
Battle Healing - Recover certain amount of HP over time during battle. It can be leveled up by constantly getting one's HP into the red zone.
Emergency Recovery
Meditation - «Extra Skill» Increases HP regeneration and decreases the remaining time of negative statuses by entering a mental concentration pose. Obtained in a 6th floor quest.
Light Metal Equipment
Light Shield Equipment
Leather Equipment
Heavy Metal Equipment
Spirit Light (hate skill)
Fighting Spirit (hate skill)

Weapon Skills

One Handed Straight Sword
One Handed Curved Blade
One Handed Dagger
One Handed Rapier
One Handed Assault Spear
One Handed War Hammer
Two Handed Straight Sword
Two Handed Assault Spear
Two-Handed Battle Axe
Blade Throwing
Martial Arts - «Extra Skill»
Katana - «Extra Skill»
Dual Blades - «Unique Skill»
Holy Sword - «Unique Skill»
Darkness Blade - «Unique Skill»
Battoujutsu - «Unique Skill» Means "Sword Drawing."
Shurikenjutsu - «Unique Skill» Means "Concealed Weapons."
Infinite Spear - «Unique Skill»

Goose~Nr.1~Ciel~||~Nach einem anstrengenden Quest- oder Farmtag mit Freunden, willst du diese zu einem Essen einladen. Du gibt dein Bestes, doch da dein Kochskill nicht wirklich hoch ist verdirbst du die Vor- und Hauptspeise. Jedoch kannst du dich und den Abend retten indem du das einzige Rezept kochst, was du perfektionierst hast: Choco-Cookies : D
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Die Skills ~ noch nicht fertig

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